The NMG Photography

Welcome to NMG photography. We are based on Salem/Tamilnadu. We offer our unconditional support and experience of weddings, both before, during and after the day. We’re here for you every step of the way, so that you feel so comfortable with us in the room, that you barely know we’re there.

The NMG Photography Experience

Weddings are lovely – the mood, the anticipation, the excitement, followed by the promises of unconditional love and the exchanges of promises, which unite you to becoming husband and wife. We know how it feels and if you choose us to be there alongside you, we promise to capture it a way that no other will. We’d describe our style as composed but never posed – natural, intuitive, unobtrusive and elegantly creative.

The NMG Photography Approach

Your relationship with us is so important to your story that we highly encourage you to get to know your wedding photographer in advance of the wedding. We accomplish our unique approach of storytelling through this fundamental approach of knowing you. We promise to never force or construct moments. Instead, we discretely go about capturing all the people you love at their very natural very best.